Cabinet sets 6.5-6.7% GDP growth rate for 2018

10:08' AM - Tuesday, 24/10/2017

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc announced that the Government targets to attain a 6.5-6.7% GDP growth pace in 2018 based on impressive achievements made in 2017.

PM Phuc made the announcement while delivering a report on socio-economic development plan for 2018 at the ongoing 4th session of the 14th National Assembly on October 23 in Ha Noi.

The PM said that in 2018, the Government will spare no effort to maintain the growth pace of 2017; accelerate investment in key transport projectss; resolve shortcomings and infringements in BOT and BT projects.

Maintaining growth pace

PM Phuc noticed that in 2018, the global and regional situations were forecast to take place in a complicated and unexpected manner. The world economy grows unevenly in 2017; coupled with risks and rising protection trend. In addition, the fourth industrial revolution has been generating both opportunities and challenges for Viet Nam.

The Government targets to strive for a 6.5-6.7% GDP growth rate in 2018; continues to stabilize the macro-economy; restructure the economy; transform the growth modal; improve competitiveness; encourage business start-up; develop businesses; and promote growth.

Key economic norms for 2018

- GDP growth rate: 6.5-6.7%

- Average CPI growth pace: about 4%

- Total export turnover: up 7-8%

- Ratio of total exports of goods to total imports of goods: under 3%

- Total social development investment capital: about 33-34% of GDP - -

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