Vietnam racks up US$1.3 billion trade deficit by mid-February

05:01' PM - Monday, 25/02/2019

Vietnam recorded a trade deficit of US$2.086 billion during the first half of February, resulting in a nearly US$1.3 billion trade deficit for the country by mid-February, according to a source from customs.

Statistics released from the General Department of Vietnam Customs show that the country raked in US$4.246 billion from exports during the first half of February while simultaneously spending US$6.332 billion on imports, thus leading to a trade deficit of US$2.086 billion.

By mid-February, the total exports amounted to US$26.319 billion while imports were seen at US$27.596 billion, leading to a US$1.3 billion deficit in trade.

Experts said that trade deficit figures reflect transient fluctuations in the market which occurred throughout February with a large number of enterprises restricting or halting their operations to mark the Tet (Lunar New Year) holidays.

Telephones and computers remained key exports in the first 15 days of February, with a value of US$263 million, or 68 per cent of the country’s total export turnover.

Notably, the export value of telephones and components were recorded at US$1.144 billion in the first half of February, increasing the total export of such products to US$4.4 billion by mid-February.

They were followed by computers, electronic items, and their components with the combined export value of US$622 million in the first half of February, doubling that of garment and textile exports.

By mid-February, garments and textiles were ranked 2nd in terms of export turnover, with a trading value amounting to US$3.613 billion, nearly US$600 million higher than that of computers, electronic items, and their components.

Vietnam had four key export categories reaching over US$1 billion in value by mid-February, including footwear, machinery, wood and wooden products, and means of transport. - -

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