China benzene rally bolsters Asia markets; inventories dwindle

China’s domestic benzene prices continued to rally, bolstering the Asian markets in August, amid the country’s ongoing trade war with the US.

Oil edges lower as Cushing build adds to demand fears

Oil prices fell on Monday after data suggested inventories at the U.S. crude delivery hub rose in the latest week, compounding worries that troubled emerging markets and trade tensions will dent the outlook for fuel demand.

A U.S.-China Divorce Would Be Ugly

A financial adviser I know, Frank Astorino, says nothing destroys wealth like divorce. That’s a warning China and the U.S. should keep in mind as they intensify their trade war.

China-U.S. Trade Spat Is Just a Start to the Economic Cold War

China is not just another front in President Donald Trump's war on trade. Unlike Mexico, Canada, Europe and other targets of the president, China will be a source of economic conflict for years to come, long after the tariff level on soybeans has been settled.

5 Top Copper Reserves by Country

Investors often forget to consider how much economically mineable copper there is, which is an important factor in understanding the dynamics of supply and demand in the industry.

Oil steady as emerging market woes dim demand outlook

Oil prices steadied on Monday as trade tensions and troubled emerging markets dented the outlook for fuel demand, though U.S. sanctions against Iran pointed towards tighter supply ahead.

Europe TiO2 two-year run of price hikes ends as supply improves

Greater import availability from China and signs of muted demand are pressuring European titanium dioxide (TiO2) prices lower for spot and third-quarter (Q3) contracts, putting an end to two years of price hikes.
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