Vietnamese government plans to borrow US$20 billion in 2020

The government’s report to the National Assembly on the 2019 public debt and 2020 budget shows that it plans to mobilize VND460 trillion worth of capital, mostly to offset the deficit and repay principal.

Vietnam's GDP growth rate is expected to surpass the target and reach 6.8-7 percent.

At the government's September working session, the Prime Minister said the socio-economic performance in the first nine months was better than predicted and better than the same period last year.

Public debts to account for 52.7% of GDP by 2022

The public-debt-to-GDP ratio was forecast to dip down to 54.3% by 2020; 53.3% by 2021 and only 52.7% by 2020, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) reported.

Public debt continues with downward trend, Gov’t report shows

Vietnam’s public debt will fall to 56.1% of GDP by the end of 2019 from 58.4% last year, according to the Government’s latest report.

Vietnam’s government to pay US$16 billion in debts in 2020

The government has set targets for public debts, government debts and foreign debts to ensure they are within the limit and lower than the national financial plan in the 2016 – 2020 period.

Vietnamese Govt proposes borrowing US$19.9 billion next year

The Government has proposed borrowing VND459.5 trillion (US$19.9 billion) next year to make up for the State budget deficit, increasing regular expenditures and social insurance debts.

State budget revenue to meet five-year target

Collection of the State budget between 2016 and 2020 is expected to meet the target of 6.8 quadrillion VND (nearly 293 billion USD), the Ministry of Finance (MoF) reported on October 21.
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