04:32' PM - Monday, 22/02/2021


Attention to: The Interested Investors

Vietnam National Chemical Groups (VINACHEM) would like to send our regards to the Investors.

Vinachem is the investor of Rock salt Exploitation and Processing Plant project (Project) in Laos People’s Democratic Republic. The Project’s preliminary information as follows:

Location: Nongbok District, Khammouan province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Resource reserves: about 29.5 millions tons KCl.

Plant capacity: 320,000 tons/ year of KCl (KCl ≥95%) and 300,000 tons/year of NaCl (NaCl ≥98%).

Total investment: 522.466 millions US Dollar.

EPC Contractors: Consortium contractors of TTCL (Thailand) – K.UTEC (Germany) – CECO (Vietnam).

Vinachem is currently looking for the investors to restructure the Project investor through the transfer of Vinachem’s capital at the Project to domestic and foreign economic organization.

Vinachem would like to send the Invitation for Expression of Interest to the investors and invite interested investors to share investment opportunities, cooperate with Vinachem in the above Project to send a Letter of Interest (the form below) to Vinachem (Address: No 1A Trang Tien street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi capital. Telephone number: +84.243 824 0551) before March 31, 2021.

Yours faithfully,

(Company title)


Attention to: Vietnam National Chemical Group (Vinachem).




Telephone: Email

Number of Business registration

Main business activities:

Charter capital:

Legal representative: Title:

We acknowledge that Vinachem is looking for the investor to cooperate with in the Rock salt Exploitation and Processing Plant Projectin Laos People’s Democratic Republic (Project) which has invested by Vinachem.

By this Letter, we confirm that we are interested in the Project and suggest to work with Vinachem to discuss about cooperation and investment.

For all discussion and information exchange with Vinachem, we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality all information related to the Project provided by Vinachem.

Best Regards,


Legal Representative

(Signature with Company Stamp)

(Enclosed document: Company profile).

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