The Group's industrial production value is estimated to reach 50,362 billion VND

10:32 AM @ Monday - 08 January, 2024

The world economic situation continues to evolve rapidly, complicatedly, and unpredictably, affecting domestic markets. Fertilizer prices on the world market dropped sharply; the increase in imported supply into Vietnam, especially fertilizers and chemical products; The sharp decline in prices of some export products (rubber, detergents, fertilizers) due to spending restrictions from other countries also caused difficulties for the Group's units. But the Group's production and business in 2023 still has significant advantages, achieving positive results in production and business.

Specifically, in 2023, the Group's industrial production value is estimated to reach 50,362 billion VND. Revenue is estimated 55,286 billion VND (the second highest revenue year after 2022). Profit is estimated 3,277 billion VND. Paying to the state budget reached 1,922 billion VND. Ensuring employement for about 18,000 employees with average salary of over 13.52 million VND/person/month.

Notably, the output of consumption of main product increased sharply compared to 2022 such as: fertilizer group (DAP increased by 35%, urea increased by 17%, superphosphate increased by 15%...) with a total output reaching over 3 million tons contributing to the results of the agricultural sector and ensuring national food security; detergent increased by 18%; Basic chemical products such as caustic soda and hydrochloric acid increase output, the Group's other key product remaining stable compared to 2022. The group of joint venture companies operate effectively in product and business and increased revenue profits compared to 2022.