Brazil imported approximately $100 million worth of Moroccan fertilizers

05:31 PM @ Wednesday - 19 June, 2024

Brazil imported approximately $100 million worth of Moroccan  fertilizers last May, making Morocco the third-largest supplier to this Latin American country in this category, following Russia and Canada, according to Russian agency RIA Novosti, citing the Brazilian Statistics Agency.

The same source indicated that Brazil increased its  fertilizer imports, particularly from  Moscow, which exported more than $304 million to Brazil.

Canada, on the other hand, exported $124 million worth of  fertilizers, while Israel and China each exported $62 and $60 million worth of fertilizers to Brazil, respectively.

A recent study by the Brazilian national supply company CONAB observed a significant increase in  fertilizer imports, with a growth rate of approximately 23% between 2019 and 2023.

The country received over 42 million tons of  fertilizers last year, compared to 34 million tons in 2019.

The study, as reported by Brazilian media outlets, revealed that the state of Mato Grosso alone imported 16.6% of the total fertilizers imported from abroad, followed by the state of Rio Grande do Sul with 15.7%, and the state of Paraná with 13.7%.

In the same regard, Brazilian company  Fazcomex revealed that the Latin American country is one of the world’s largest importers of  fertilizers, an extremely important product for Brazilian agriculture.

The data further indicated that Brazilian farmers imported 23% of their  fertilizer needs from Russia in 2021, while they imported 11% of their local needs from Morocco in the same year, amounting to over $1.5 billion.    – Source: